Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to secretly insert another file in a .jpg/.jpeg/.gif file.

There are some software available to secretly add any file (text files, Office documents, video clips, pdf, mp3, zipped files, webpage, .exe, .bat, .reg or any other file format) inside a jpg, gpeg or gif file. But Ain't it great to do this without any software. Because there might be situations where you don't have the internet access and the software to do it, but you need to do it manually!!!

To add any file hidden inside a .jpg/.jpeg/.gif image file :

1) Zip the various files into one .rar file you want to add with the image file.
2) Pick any jpg/gif picture of any size and Dimension.
3) Copy the two Files(.rar and image files) in the same directory (same Drive & Folder). For Example: Copy the file in D:>\new folder.
4) Now open the Command prompt window ( by typing cmd in run window or by clicking start-->All Programs--> Accessories--> Command Prompt .
5) In Command Prompt go to the destination folder. In this case D:\ New Folder and press enter (as our rar file and image are saved in D:\New Folder directory)
5) Type the following command now :
copy /b image-name.jpg + collection.rar my-image.jpg
( assuming your image name is image-name and the .rar file name is collection.rar and you want your image to be named my-image.jpg now)

In the same way, You can hide other files like videos, mp3 and other secret documents too.
Just Zip all the Files into Single rar files and Follow the above Steps.