Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to shutdown Computer over network

Shutdown Your PC over Network :
You can simply go to the computer on the network through the command prompt ( to open command prompt start--> run --> type cmd ) and type "shutdown -m \\computer -s" .
\\computer is the name of the computer you want to shut down. You may aslo use the ip address of the pc you want to shutdown instead of the computer name. For instance if the ip address of the pc12 is then the command should be c:\>shutdown -m\\ -s .


How to shutdown Computer from command prompt (DOS)

You can shutdown/ restart/ log off your computer from command prompt. To open the DOS or Command prompt go to :
Start-->All Programs--> Accessories --> Command Prompt
, or
Start-->Run and type cmd .

In this Command prompt type:

shutdown -s ( to shutdown the computer. By default you'll have 30 sec. to save your running work.)
shutdown -r ( to restart )
shutdown -l ( to logoff )
shutdown -a ( to abort any system shutdown process )


How to Enable multiple Yahoo Messenger

Normally You are not allowed to run multiple yahoo messenger at a time. But if you do a little tweak in yahoo messenger, then you can run as many yahoo messenger as you like in your computer at a time. This means that if you have 4 yahoo IDs, then you can login to 4 different yahoo messenger at a time from a single PC.

To run multiple yahoo messenger at a time :
Click Start --> Run-->type regedit and press Enter
From the Left Panel Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Select Software and then select Yahoo

Now select Pager and then select Test

Then, on the right pane, right click on the registry editor and select “New”, then create a new DWORD registry value. Name the new registry key as Plural, and assign it the value of 1 (decimal).

Alternatively , You can create a new .txt file and write down the following lines there :

save the file and rename the .txt file to .reg file. Now double click the file and your yahoo messenger is ready to run for multiple instance.

A free and very useful utility that allows a yahoo user to run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger can be downloaded from here and just after installing it, the user can run multiple yahoo messenger.
To download the utility click here.